I’m Ufuk Ergun. (Ou-fuc is the closest pronunciation I suppose).

I earned my bachelors degree from Bilkent University, in 2004, in banking and finance. Even though my current profession seems like it has nothing to with it, I do use the skills that I’ve gained there almost everyday; unlike many people in the industry I have the privilege to evaluate the projects that I’m involved in with a dual perspective, not only as an artist or a designer but also as somebody with a business background, which is one of the main things making me a valuable team worker, not just somebody who does what he has been told but also bringing more ideas to the table.

I have been working as a senior art director since 2010 in the advertisement. Throughout my career, from startups to well-known established brands, I happened to work with all kinds of clients from many different industries which I consider to be huge luck due to the variety of the perspectives and dynamics I had to get accustomed to. That helped me to build an immense portfolio, prove myself as a professional in all sorts of different scenarios and keep me improve my skills almost constantly. Actually that’s also the reason behind how I got into UI/UX design.