Mindfulness & Meditation App

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Mindary is an app that helps you improve your well-being by changing your daily habits. It believes that happiness is a result of habits, and by enhancing these habits, you can increase your energy and sense of well-being. Mindary emphasizes that making small changes is more effective than making big ones. A daily 1% change can result in a 37% difference in a year. Mindary supports you in developing small habits using practical positive psychology techniques. It helps you gain new habits through guided and unguided meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, and other video content. It assists you in creating positive habits in categories like "Flow," "Mindfulness," "Self-Compassion," and "Gratitude." You can strengthen your connections through categories like "Wellness," "Social Bonds," "Romantic Relationships," and "Parenting." Additionally, it provides tools to cope with daily emotions such as stress, anxiety, and worry through categories like "Positivity," "Calm," "Sleep," "Breathing," and "Meditation."

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